Adult Cardiology

All patients  referred through our system have instant access to the latest cardiac testing, with close and constant interaction between their family physician and leading cardiologists from various hospitals.  Our team includes specialists from a variety of cardiac subspecialties who collaborate to provide the highest quality of care to each one of our patients needing assistance.  Our integrated approach ensures that our patients receive the most comprehensive, cardiovascular care possible.

Our cardiologists who work with us are highly skilled in cardiology subspecialty areas including cardiac imaging, interventional cardiology, heart failure and transplantation, cardiac electrophysiology and cardiac pacing.

Our team of specialists are represented by top cardiologists from major hospitals across Toronto including: Sunnybrook Hospital, Sick Kids Hospital, North York General Hospital, Trillium Hospital in Mississauga, York Central  Hospital, and Humber River Hospital. The list continues to grow as we expand to other regions with the intent on working with cardiologists that work locally with the  family physicians of that geographical location.

All of our technicians/sonographers are ARDMS licensed and perform ECG,  Holter, Loop Event Recorder (LOOP), Echocardiographs, Stress Echocardiographs, and Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor testing. Many of them were former MD’s/Cardiologists from other countries and are well educated with at least 5-10 years of experience working for major hospitals.  All of our technicians are female, each sensitive to cultural and faith based requirements of patients at the clinics they are assigned to.

The equipment used is top of the line quality ensuring accurate imaging and documentation of studies.  We purchase the same up to date equipment that the leading hospitals use.  Our cardiologists are involved in decision making when it comes to choice of equipment and technicians used.  The appointment time for echocardiograms is 30 to 45 minutes.  We do not rush technicians as we want quality and avoid high turnaround to increase profits at the patient’s expense.