Clinic Scheduling Procedures

Please note all physicians’ administrative staff are responsible for booking patients’ appointment times on behalf of HHD.  This will ensure accuracy in appointment times and will effectively guarantee that patients will be seen at the next available date for their cardiac testing.  Please use the following steps:

1. Prior to booking your first patient, the physicans’ administrative staff should obtain a confirmed service date from an HHD staff member.  Please book the patients’ while they are at the clinic and according to the alotted time permitted as outlined below: 

ECG – 5 Minutes

ECHO – 30 Minutes


Your clinic will be assigned a designated service date on a week to two week basisi depending on your needs.  Also, we will advise the time frame on other cardiac related testing.

2. For all additional referrals that follow, please book patients in the required time sequence.

3. Fax a copy of the referral to HHD’s office for our records.  Ensure that both an updated patient label (with the required information) and a doctor signature are provided.

4. Reschedule all patients with missed appointments for the next available service date.  Please keep a standby list of all patients with missed appointments.

5. Any open time slots due to either missed appointments or errors in booking must be filled.  You can refer to your standby list.

6. Complete an HHD confirmation form with all scheduled patients and fax us a copy at least a day or two before the service date.

7. If there are any problems with the time management of our technicians causing delays, please inform HHD immediately.

8.Returned equipment should be thoroughly inspected and be placed in a safe place for pick up by our staff.  Please inform us when equipment is returned by patients.

9. We will require your assistance in calling your patients if they are not compliant in a timely drop off.  Patients have up to 14 days to return the heart monitor. If the study is completed earlier, the patient has been instructed to drop off the monitor upon completion.   Note that all patients sign a waiver form with our HHD technicians, and are therefore aware of their responsibilities of returning their equipment.

Please note there is a minimum volume requirement for HHD to be available on the service date for your clinic.  If you have any questions, do not hesitate to call HHD.