About Us

Healthy Heart Diagnostics (HHD) is a privately-owned company committed to providing healthcare professionals with mobile state-of-the-art cardiac diagnostic services and technical support at your clinic.

Our team of cardiologists reads the diagnostic testing results and follows up, onsite or offsite, on patients in need as deemed by the cardiologist. We create a healthy work environment in which the cardiologist and family physician work together as a unit, thereby improving the quality of patient medical care.

Our goal is to work with you, the referring physician, to improve the quality of patient care by offering direct and immediate access to our reputable network of cardiologists (who are affiliated with major hospitals in the GTA area), and by addressing your patients’ cardiac concerns with onsite diagnostic services.

HHD is a shining example of how comprehensive healthcare can be provided to a large volume of patients, combining the strengths of primary care with leading-edge cardiovascular care, in a cost-effective and easily accessible manner.

Our advanced mobile service is accessible to all your patients at a moment’s notice, whether the case is urgent or not. Your patients will now have instant access to the latest in cardiac testing, with close and constant interaction between their physicians and cardiologists. All patients that require medically necessary screening will no longer experience delays. HHD “turnkey” approach allows each physician to refer patients to our mobile clinics within their premises.

Healthy Heart Diagnostics is the proud sponsor of The Heart & Stroke Foundation and The Canadian Diabetes Association. A portion of the proceeds received from all diagnostic tests will go to benefit The Heart & Stroke Foundation.